Becoming a SpartanForex Affiliate Partner

Here is the simple procedure to follow in order to become a SpartanForex Affiliate Partner and earn a share of the commission and net spread revenues generated by your client referrals:

  1. (1) Read the SpartanForex Affiliate Partner Agreement here. This agreement requires no physical signature and has exactly the same legal force as any two-party contract. Once you have read the rest of the directions below, and you are satisfied with the terms of the Agreement, click on the “I Accept ...” button below.
  2. (2) You will then be directed to the SpartanForex client portal at Click on the “signup” link and then fill out the application form that comes up. (If you are already a SpartanForex client skip this step.)
  3. (3) Once your application is completed and confirmed, login to your SpartanForex portal account and apply for an IB (introducing broker) account by clicking on the “Partnership” button. Upon completion of that application process, you will be given an agent account number along with an associated link which you can then give to referrals.
  4. (4) After your referrals in turn become SpartanForex clients by applying via the SpartanForex client portal, they are able to open MT4 trading accounts. The affiliate/IB will earn a share of the commission or spread revenues generated by those clients.
  5. (5) As a SpartanForex Affiliate Partner, you are free to use the banners displayed on this page as part of your promotional initiatives.