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$500 Minimum Deposit
1:500 Leverage up to 1:500
0.4 Spreads from 0.4 pips
0.01 Micro-lot size
45 Currency Pairs & Metals
71 CFDs & Cryptocurrencies

Introducing SpartanForex

Fund your SpartanForex trading account using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium. Transfer funds to your account while incurring little or no transfer fee, and start trading less than an hour later.
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If you are an experienced participant in foreign exchange markets you already know that what really matters are pricing, execution speed, market depth and client service. We can promise all of this, but you will rightly insist on testing our claims for yourself. You can download our MT4 platform directly from here.

If you a newcomer to forex trading you will eventually understand that what matter most are pricing, execution speed, market depth and client service. Meanwhile, you need to educate yourself. SpartanForex management’s strong desire is to make that education as inexpensive as possible for you, with the hope you become a long term client. Our Trader Education page may be a suitable first step on your journey.

In 480 B.C., Spartan King Leonidas formulated a defensive strategy against the invading Persian army of blocking the mountain pass at Thermopylae. The Persian’s huge numerical advantage was useless on the narrow battleground. Then a traitor named Ephialtes revealed a secret mountain path around the Greek lines that enabled the Persians to outflank and defeat the Greeks. King Leonidas and few hundred members of his royal bodyguard and several hundred non-Spartan allies made their legendary last stand in an effort to delay the Persian advance as long as possible.

Ephialtes’s name is now lumped with other iconic traitors such as Judas and Benedict Arnold. However unsavory his reputation, we would direct your attention to a lesson to be gleaned from Ephialtes’s treachery and usefully absorbed by forex traders: Knowledge acquired about the alternative pathway gave the invaders an edge with which to upset the Greeks’ best-laid battle plans. Forex traders should be alert for the presence of exactly such an edge on the foreign exchange markets battlefield. SpartanForex provides the education and training to our warriors (traders) to build a Spartan warrior-like prowess, and also to gain the street smarts to discover the edge which makes the difference between victory and defeat.

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Why Trade with SpartanForex?

With direct market access order processing all trades are instantaneous, bypassing any broker dealing desk. As a straight through processor (STP) broker, our interests are completely aligned with those of our clients. Unlike a forex broker who runs a dealing desk, we are not betting against our clients.

About SpartanForex

SpartanForex is an Asia-based brokerage providing foreign exchange investment and trading services to clients from around the world.Our mission and intention is to provide the platform and education for clients in order that they achieve well above average returns on their risked capital.


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